Our Company Policy

Company Policy

Management of Zoia Energy Limited is committed to make meaningful contributions to the development of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria with major target on local Nigerian deployment and transferring the technology continuously from the Foreign Technical Partner to stimulate the increment of local content by several methods as follow:

  • • Assignent to Technical Partners to acquire hands-on skills in design work

  • • Motivate local Nigerian staff to participate in in-house technical capability champions

  • • Attract local Nigerian staff to participate in in-house technical capability champions

  • • Training program related to on going project activities

  • • Providing challenging career opportunities and continous competency development for all Nigerian staff

The success of the above programs will bring Zoia Energy Limited to a full capability to domicile and execute all incoming projects in Nigeria, and also Zoia enthuses to grow as a worldwide company with a Nigerian based office.

The Management of Zoia Energy Limited is committed to facilitating and encouraging all staff to maintain zero man-hour losses and ensure that designed products are to be safely operable and maintainable by implementing safety in design concept within all engineering deliverables.


Zoia Energy Limited is committed to implement quality assurance to comply with international standard ISO 9001:2000 “Quality Management System Requirements”, ISO 10005 “Quality Management-Guidelines for Quality Plans”, and Zoia Corporate Quality Management Manuals to give benefit for Client, Employee, and Management, which is continuously reviewed and improved to maintain a conducive working environment during project execution.

The quality assurance regulates the management system, employee system structure, and project execution system, which reflects how Zoia will be operated and how Zoia will handle the projects. The implementation of this quality assurance is taken by management and staffs under the supervision of in charged QA/QC manager.

Project Quality Assurance Plan is prepared during project execution to suite precise approach for maintaining quality product. Zoia Energy Limited considers the quality control to cover several tasks as follow:

    • • Project Management and Administration Coordination

    • • Project Organizations and interaction Flows

    • • Communication and Correspondence Protocol

    • • Turn Over Documents for Internal Reviews

    • • Turn Over Documents from Zoia to Technical Partners

    • • Turn Over Documents from Zoia to Clients

    • • Document Change Control

    • • Electronic File Management System

    • • Master Copy File Management System

    • • Dossier of Delivery Management System

    • • Project Documentation Management System

    • • Reference of Applicable Technical and Safety Requirementss

    • • Quality Checking System of Engineering Basis and Calculations

    • • Quality Checking System of Documentation to Confirm and Comfirm Compliance with Clienst Requirements

    • • Verification System that appropriate codes, standards and clients specifications are already implemented

    Zoia Energy Limited ensures that all staff implement the quality assurance aspects in the working atmosphere. Assessment and auditing of QA implementation is reported by in-charged QA/QC Manager. The implementation on the quality assurance manual is recorded for continuous improvement in the future.