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Zoia Energy Limited is a diversified oil and gas company and was established to provide engineering, procurement and construction services for various fields in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power distribution and mining industries. In response to the rapid growth in the oil and gas industry, Zoia has taken this field as a major priority due to the growth of energy demand in Nigeria.

The philosophy of Zoia Energy Limited is to provide best quality products and services in the country within most efficient budget cost and timely schedule while focusing on technology transfer to compliment local content policy (LCP) of the Federal Government of Nigeria. To achieve this goal, Zoia has assembled a highly qualified team of professionals with extensive experience on large scale projects.

Zoia Energy Limited is registered in Nigeria and is committed to supporting development, providing maximum local resources deployment and also to ensuring accessibility and quick response to the needs of most oil and gas operators in Nigeria with the most efficient cost and timely delivery.

In response to the growth of technology and skilled human resources demand, Zoia Energy Limited is taking seriously its commitment to continuously develop the local Nigerian resources through training programs during project execution as part of major Zoia Manpower development policy.